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Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21st 2009 (edited to add photos)

So yesterday was a total bust. Kyle and I went to the movies.. We movie hopped and ended up seeing 3.. yes count them 3 movies. Up in 3d, the hangover and the proposal. I did good. I drank only water, however I did eat some popcorn and sour patch watermelons. No exercise.

Today I had a bagel and coffee for breakfast for the day I am at 318 calories.

I will go to the gym this evening, my workout goals will be: 2 miles on treadmill and 5 miles on stationary bike. 100 crunches (10 sets of 10)

I will eat 1,000 calories today.

My mini goal for the week will be to cut out all soda. I purchased crystal light packets for my water.

Tuesday I will be picking up my bike from my dads house and my scale, until then I have no weigh in



I went to the gym today I only worked out for 30 minutes because some guy came in and was just sitting on the weight machine staring at me while I road the bike. I finished my 30 minutes on the bike and left. His name was Sky and I am sure he had some sort of mental disability he just wanted someone to talk to but it still freaked me out. There was a reason why I was listening to the iPod.

Here are my work out photos.

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  1. Thats creepy about the guy. I hope hes not there the next time you go. Great job on going to the gym, keep it up!