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Saturday, June 20, 2009

232lbs June 10th 2009


  1. Hey, this is "Nik" from babycenter. I bookmarked your blog, I will try to check in as often as I can. Hope to see you posting! We have similar stats, I CURRENTLY weigh 213-214 and my goal weight is 150. Good luck! Do you have a plan in mind as far as diet or exercise?

  2. You can do this!!! It's going to be hard at times.. but when you feel like giving up, give me a call... I'm becoming a pro at the whole weightloss thing. I find that letting myself enjoy one high calorie/fattening meal a week encourages me to keep going. Other than that I eat approx. 1000 calories a day, and exercise 5-7 days out of the week. Go JESSICA! I'm rooting for you!