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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Check in

Wow it has been a busy couple of days. Monday I went to the gym for 45 minutes. Tuesday I went to the gym TWICE!!!!! In the morning for 45 minutes and at night for 30 minutes. I couldn't sleep at all last night either, I have decided that I cannot work out past 9:00 at night otherwise I wont be able to sleep. Today I went to the gym and rode for 35 minutes, it was all I could fit in today during the little time Kyle and I were home together. I have officially lost 10 lbs, 3 inches off of my hips and 1 inch off of my waist!!!
Everything is going great!!

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  1. Hi I'm also wanting to lose a ton of weight. I started out 3 weeks PP at 254 and I was 247 this morning (7 weeks PP). I would like to get to 180 by next year this time and then from there, will slowly try to lost another 20 lbs if possible.